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As usually I stayed up WAAAaaaaay too late socializing last night. It was quite an honour to be have invited to join the Oak Table members for dinner sadly I was not able to stay. I headed back to my hotel to make an early night of it and got distracted by my fellow attendees in the bar. Oh well, I did have good intentions of getting to bed early (I don’t know how these people party EVERY night!)

It’s lunchtime and have attended three excellent sessions today. Jonathan Lewis’s Moving from RBO to CBO, James Morles Storage Internals for the Oracle Architect, and Joze Senegacnik’s Tuning with SQL Profiles. And although it was difficult to get up so early this morning, it was definitely worth it!

And I have been meaning to mention a few of the interesting, quirky little differences in the British hotels from North America. Firstly there are no wash clothes in any of the hotel rooms BUT there are these wonderful towel warmers. So after a shower you have this wonderful warm towel. And there is no little clock radio with annoyingly bad reception. Instead the radio channels are on the television. And the voices in the elevator have a lovely English accent. And instead of powdered milk, they have real little milkers in the rooms with the complimentary coffee services..MUCH better than that powdered stuff.

And I never really quite understood this blogging thing before but it is fascinating how many people here blog and have told me they mention myself (apparently Dan Fink has a photo of me showing the British how to use chairs) or The Pythian Group ( thanks Jonathan) on their blog. Others have said they have cross-posted in the past to our site ( Lisa Dobson and Andrew Clarke). It is quite an interesting phenomenom and almost makes me want to start my own blog!

Well I am quite hungry and have to run and grab a bite now.

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Senior DBA Babette first joined Pythian in February 2000 and except for two short stints as an independent contractor for the Canadian government has been working with us ever since.

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Just a dig for our English friends… Wait to you come out to Australia. You understand what a real shower is then. None of the puny heater on the wall stuff. It is not a shower more a dribble.
Blogging can only make DBA’s and developers better in general. It also hones the writing skills.


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