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UKOUG Day 1 backwards

It was a lo-o-ong day and I was absolutely plasted by the time I got to bed… we finished after 3 am in the Jury’s Inn Hotel Bar. It was whiskey that we finished with – pretty good one. Before that I enjoyed Blogger Meetup at All Bar One. I believe there were about 4 meetings there or so and they all ended up as one networking event. Thanks to Doug for “infamousing” me. But he’s done good job describing this part of the evening. The last boy scouts at All Bar One:

Going further backwards… I can’t say a lot about presentations I went to as my head was completely empty after my 3 sessions. Last session was on Oracle Streams CDC – I am still not sure what the added value of CDC compare to regular Streams functionality. But the truth is I couldn’t think about anything else but Guinness at that point…

I really enjoyed Anjo’s talk on SAN Stories – content was exactly for my state of mind at that point – easy and understandable. Before that I tried to Understand Shared Pool Memory Structures but, first, I was already tired and, second, material wasn’t deep enough to deepen the understanding but rather a rush through it. I guess you need at least a day to cover that topic. What I remember well is that on one slide a potential solution for shared pool problems was… get this – RAC!

Tracing PX Slaves was a familiar area so it was quite insightful even though I wasn’t in the best shape already…

The last of my own three sessions was on block change tracking internals. This was probably the best even though I couldn’t cover the subject completely – still quite a few unknown things around it. Before that – lunch with only one comment – how can you eat standing???

Two other presentations from myself… The second is about refreshes and I think it was not bad. I finished in 45 minutes sharp without actually any time for QA but it was lunch time after that so no issues. The session on OEM Extensibility was probably the worst even though I was the most comfortable with it – I just packed too much into one hour and had to rush through it. That worked, though – I finished 10 minutes earlier leaving enough time for QA but there were only few questions. I think it was just too much information to get into and digest “online”.

Opening technical keynote was from Tom Kyte very insightful speech on 11g or whatever letter it will be.

And the day started with panic presenting first time to a crowd. It wasn’t that difficult as I figured in the end.

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What a relief. When I saw you had photos I didn’t know what to expect! Fortunately you took them in the short time between me leaving All Bar One and you turning up for round two at the hotel bar ;-)

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