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It has been seven months since I started working for Pythian and it doesn’t feel like it at all. The main reason is the full time work from home option that we enjoy here. I couldn’t agree more when my Pythian folks say it’s a cool company to work at.

When I was hired, I needed time to move back from abroad and settle down. The Pythian team waited more than couple of months for me to join the ranks. I must mention that the recruitment team was very helpful in this regard. The onboarding was smooth. I had interactions with teammates and Pythian bigwigs, and all that helped me ease into my role. I remember one action item during onboarding was to mark the calendar with my choice of public holidays for the year. It shows the company’s belief in upholding the self-esteem of its employees and establishes mutual trust. This is more than important when you are a remote employee, and have to work under your own supervision.

The transition to a remote employee has not been easy for me. Working from home has its own challenges. However, being in constant contact with teammates who are just a ping away has helped me settle into the role. It’s a privilege for me to have industry experts and published authors as my teammates. They are equally amazing people to work with. Together we provide services to clients who are global leaders and internet giants.

The team is spread across multiple time zones. This helps us in managing clients’ business critical applications 24/7. As we continuously seek to provide additional value to clients, it helps me to step up and get better with my skills. Not to mention Pythian sponsors our training and provides days off for it too.

Like the rest of my colleagues, I’m getting addicted (if not already) to this working style. Living in my hometown and working from home means I am able to cut down on city woes, especially the traffic and pollution. My kiddo gets to spend more time with his grandparents and I get to see him grow, up close. Plus, I receive unparalleled exposure to career rewarding work in terms of technologies and experience. All of this is made possible by being a Pythianite.


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Dilli Raj Maharjan
October 1, 2016 12:12 pm

Hello Balvinder Singh, you are a lucky BEING A PYTHIANITE. After reading this blog, I am dying to be a PYTHIANITE and to work with the industry experts. Few months earlier, I have applied for Remote DBA Consultant Future Opportunity. I have gone through technical challenge, HR screening and technical interview. HR has confirmed that I have been considered for the post.
I am desperately waiting for the day of my hiring.


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