Better late than never…. prizes for this year’s OOW11 Blogger’s Meetup

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Better late than never – we absolutely have prizes this year for the Blogger’s Meetup. Alex has been way too busy of late to get this organized (joking, not ALL his fault…). Seriously, we do have prizes. We will have beer and there will be food at Jillian’s in a very short time.

I gotta run and get this organized, so this post is short and sweet. Should be no complaints as this year we have not just two, but THREE prizes. Read on, or you’ll get the scoop at the meetup.

1) Bandana art contest on stylish Pythian & OTN designer bandanas — one lucky blogger will receive an Ipod touch generously sponsored by Pythian (we love this event, can you tell?).

2) For the best, most creative blog post about the meetup itself, OTN is giving away a free registration to Oracle OpenWorld in 2012. But, there are a few small rules:

    1. the blog post must use as many names of people in attendance as possible.
    2. the blog post must be readable. It needs to make sense to someone who wasn’t there. It must be a story and not a list.

  1. the blog post must contain one other small tidbit of information about each individual that you’ll uncover during your “networking” as you weave your fascinating stories of the evening (like their blog name, a contact detail, favorite color, title, hobby, cat’s name, certification, what they were drinking, how much they had to drink…).
  2. the entry must be posted by midnight on Sunday October 9, 2011. Please reference this post in your blog and it should be automatically picked up by the blog engine and posted in the comment as a track-back (if it doesn’t appear in the comments for some reason — please do post the link in your comment!

3) For fun we’re giving away another Apple TV – on site. This contest is an easy one, we’re drawing for it with tickets! There will be a number from 1-52 (to represent weeks of the year) in a bowl. We’ll draw for one week out of the bowl and you will get a ballot for however many blog posts you had that week…. The draw will be made a 6:30pm for this one. It’s up to you to figure out how many posts you had in the chosen week, and you need to prove it to get your tickets (either via your phone, or Vanessa will have an ipad to check). If this gets way too complicated we’ll just do a regular old boring draw (but there will be a winner!)

See you soon at Jillian’s!

Vanessa & Alex.

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the #oow11 blogger meetup | portrix systems
October 9, 2011 11:35 pm

[…] The last contest of the night is still going on and is about the most creative blog post mentioning as many people as possible. It looks like nobody else has put anything together just yet, so I might have a chance here. But then again, it does not take too much to name more people than I did. OTN is sponsoring the price, a free pass to OOW12 which I hope to not need since I am hoping to get invited to speak again. Oracle OpenWorld ← Connor McDonald a Macca lookalike /* */ […]


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