Blogrotate #13: The Weekly Roundup of News for System Administrators

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Welcome to another edition of Blogrotate. This has been a busy week in the IT world. Here are some of the most interesting highlights.


Without a doubt, the topic of the week is security. The revelation that China has been hacking into Google and over 30 other US companies sent shock waves through the IT World and beyond. There were a huge number of articles generated about this in the last week. Ironically, the best source for articles on this issue turned out to be Google’s own news aggregator: see China Google hack.

In another China-related security issue, The Money Times reports that Iranians hack China’s Baidu; Chinese hack back.

Despite these and other security scares that have appeared over the last few months, Help Net Security reports that only 27% of organizations use encryption. As the song says “When will we ever learn?”


ArsTechnica raises some interesting questions regarding the growth of fiber networking in the the article Fiber fail? Hong Kong booms as Verizon retrenches

Data Centers

Do you find the service at your data center to be below your expectations? If so, the source of the problem maybe that half of all data centers understaffed, Symantec survey finds as Jon Brodkin of Network World reports.

Operating Systems

The big news in operating systems the week was the announcement that Google is switching to EXT4 filesystem as reported by Digitizor.


Cloud computing received a major boost this week because Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard have announced a new three-year $250 million effort aimed at helping businesses move toward cloud computing as reported by ArsTechnica

That’s it for this week in the wild, woolly world of IT. This week is a reminder that the Internet can still be a jungle at times so hey, let’s be careful out there. Thanks for reading. See you next week.

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