Blogrotate #3: The Weekly Roundup of News for System Administrators

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Welcome to volume 3 of Blogrotate. This is a short one this week, which is mostly dominated by the release of Windows 7. I have not had a chance to use it as yet but intend to give it a once over as soon as I get a chance. So, without further ado, on to the roundup.

Operating Systems

The big story this week was obviously the release of Microsoft‘s Windows 7.  There are a number of good articles we’ve seen that cover different aspects of the release.  Some of our favourites are below.

Emil Protalinski over at Ars Technica has a look at the things you should know about Windows 7 in his article Windows 7 is here including pricing information, editions available and upgrade vs. fresh install.

Andrew Binstock at InfoWorld has an interesting look at the changes made to the Windows 7 kernel, specifically with regards to multithreaded performance in Windows 7 on multicore: How much faster.

Do you want to know if your system will be able to run Windows 7? See  Emil Protalinski‘s article Are you Windows 7 compatible for more.

And on an amusing note, Apple premiered a new Mac ad last night (the same day Windows 7 was released) poking fun at Windows’ broken promises of the past.  This is a hoot, even if you love your Windows.  Careful if you have web filtering, some comments are NSFW.

Canonical and IBM team up on Ubuntu-based Win 7 alternative is an interesting article by Ryan Paul about an attempt to divert companies from using Windows.  The idea is that using a free OS like Ubuntu, and IBM‘s Client for Smart Work can allow a company to extend its IT dollar by reducing licensing costs and keeping their old hardware, on which Ubuntu will run just fine.

Happy 5th anniversary to Ubuntu Linux. 5 years later, 5 ways that Ubuntu has made Linux more human is a look at some of the ways Ubuntu has impacted the OS world.

The H has posted an announcement that states CentOS 5.4 released to the public. We’ve been waiting for this since RedHat 5.4 was released in September. Time to upgrade your servers. The official release announcement can be found on the CentOS-Announce mailing list archive post Release for CentOS-5.4 i386 and x86_64.


Better wifi for mobile computers? Slashdot has an interesting post about a town in Virgina that has launched the first ever network employing unused frequencies, or white space, from the TV spectrum to run the network. See First Public White-Space Network Is Alive and the links therein for more.


Slashdot has a post about NCSU’s Fingernail-Size Chip Can Hold 1TB of data. This is really something, but I can barely afford a 16GB now, these will cost a fortune.

Operating Systems (again?)

Last but certainly not least, be on the lookout for the release of Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala which is slated for release on October 29. I’ve mentioned previously that I have been running the beta of Kubuntu for a couple of weeks now and I have to say, even with the beta bugs, I like what I see. More about that next week.

Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala - coming Oct 29, 2009

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