Bug in Ointment: ORA-600 in online datafile move

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Instead of using ‘fly in ointment’, I have used ‘Bug in Ointment’ because in this prolonged Australian summer, my backyard is full of bugs (to the sheer delight of my bug-loving son, at the same time causing much anxiety among the rest of us). When your backyard is full of bugs and you get bugs in a database, it’s only natural to customize the idioms.

Oracle 12c has been warming up the hearts of database aficionados in various ways with its features. One of the celebrated features is the online datafile moving and renaming. Lots has been written about it and suffice to say that we don’t need any down time in order to move, rename, or copy the data files anymore. It’s an online operation with zero down time incurring a slight performance overhead.

I was playing with this feature on my test system with Oracle 12.1 on OEL 6, and when moving a datafile in a pluggable database I got this error:

ORA-600 [kpdbGetOperLock-incompatible] from ALTER PLUGGABLE DATABASE .. DATAFILE ALL ONLINE

Well, I tried searching for this error using ORA-600 look up tool, but it didn’t turn up anything and simply informed me:

An Error document for ORA-600 [kpdbgetoperlock-incompatible] is not registered with the tool.

Digging more in My Oracle Support pulled out following associated bug:

Bug 19329654 – ORA-600 [kpdbGetOperLock-incompatible] from ALTER PLUGGABLE DATABASE .. DATAFILE ALL ONLINE (Doc ID 19329654.8)

The good news was that the bug was fixed in the (Oct 2014) Database Patch Set Update. And it’s true, after applying this PSU, everything was hunky-dory.

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