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A lot of enterprises have entered a state of “data without borders.” Their corporate information is augmented more and more often with outside data from open source repositories, social networks, and the like.


This has pushed big data to web scale and driven a flood of unstructured data into their analytical systems. The combination of huge volumes of structured and unstructured data can make classical indexing impractical. At the same time, companies are seeing that the more freedom users have to query data the ways they want to—instead of conforming to predefined query patterns tied to those classical indices—the more valuable and actionable insights they can derive.


Many enterprises are therefore looking for solutions that can help them work with large amounts of mixed data. From our experience helping companies migrate to Google Cloud Platform, Google’s BigQuery is a really powerful tool in this regard.


With BigQuery, there’s no need to generate indices, which means users can pretty much ask whatever questions they want. And because it is server-less, customers can scale from gigabytes to petabytes without users having to provision machines or define instances. The Google Cloud Platform infrastructure is capable of handling unpredictable loads and unpredictable numbers of concurrent requests without any impairment to performance.


All of this sets the stage for data enablement services based on the Google Cloud Platform, and allows organizations to benefit from better business intelligence, smarter processes, and deeper insights into their customer and user experiences.


Some companies that are excited about the potential of Google Cloud Platform to handle their unstructured data have found its black box environment a bit daunting. When we’ve helped those companies hammer out their Google Cloud Platform strategy and implementation, however, they’ve been able to get a lot of value out of their cloud investment.


Find out what Google Cloud Platform can do for your business. Watch our Q& A video series where I sat down with Google BigQuery product manager, Chad Jennings to talk about data warehousing on Google Cloud Platform, and about Google BigQuery in particular. The webinar series provides insights on:


  • data warehousing on Google Cloud Platform,
  • how Google’s BigQuery works,
  • migration approaches to the Google cloud, and
  • how other companies have used Google Cloud Platform.





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