Pythian Introduces Cassandra Consulting & Operational Support

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Over the past ten years, the technology industry has begun to adopt a whole new way of thinking about the database and data storage. This is largely the result of the fast moving, high-volume and non-traditional types of data that are being generated to support both internal business processes and real-time web applications. Using a NoSQL database enables businesses to quickly and cost-effectively process large amounts of data, whether the data is hosted in the enterprise or on the cloud.

Pythian’s new Cassandra services address the needs of customers deploying Apache Cassandra. Pythian offers highly knowledgeable and experienced Cassandra experts who can guide you to success with your Cassandra deployment by filling critical skills and capacity gaps, getting your Cassandra instance up and running quickly, and ensuring that it performs optimally as you move forward.

If you’re thinking of implementing Cassandra, or already have, watch our webinar, Getting Started With Cassandra, which covers key topics for starting out, such as when you should use Cassandra, potential challenges, real world Cassandra applications and benefits, and more.

Learn more about Pythian’s Cassandra Services.



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