Cassandra Vulnerability – CVE-2020-13946 – Apache Cassandra RMI Rebind Vulnerability

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On September 1, 2020, Apache disclosed a security vulnerability for Apache Cassandra.


It’s possible for a local attacker without access to the Apache Cassandra process or configuration files, to manipulate the RMI registry to perform a man-in-the-middle attack and capture user names and passwords used to access the JMX interface. The attacker can then use these credentials to access the JMX interface and perform unauthorized operations. Users should also be aware of CVE-2019-2684, a JRE vulnerability that enables this issue to be exploited remotely.

Affected Versions:

  • 2.1.x < 2.1.22
  • 2.2.x < 2.2.18
  • 3.0.x < 3.0.22
  • 3.11.x < 3.11.8
  • 4.0-beta1 < 4.0-beta2


Upgrade your Cassandra deployments to the newly released Cassandra versions:

Latest Beta Version
Latest Stable Version
  • 3.11.8 – released on 2020-08-31.
Older Supported Releases
  • 3.0.22 – released on 2020-08-31.
  • 2.2.18 – released on 2020-08-31.
  • 2.1.22 – released on 2020-08-31.




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