Christo Kutrovsky, Oracle Pinup!

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Congratulations to Christo, Senior (and stylish!) DBA for The Pythian Group, on his spread in the July/August issue of Oracle Magazine, which you can download! Just jump straight to page 41 (not page 3), feast your eyes and hear what he has to say about Oracle Enterprise Manager! Here’s a sneak preview!

Christo Kutrovsky, Oracle Pinup

Christo is wearing a conservative but bold button-down russet shirt with pinstripe flat-front trousers, an ensemble that screams, “I’m a world-class DBA, but I don’t have to be one!” Here’s a little more about our Christo!


  • long row-level locks on the beach
  • the soft whine of a disk spinning up
  • lounging by a contiguous shared pool
  • a nice RAC
  • saving his clients time and money (Paul made me write this one, okay?)


For those of you who’d like to meet him in the flesh, don’t forget — Christo will be making appearances at Oracle conferences throughout the year!

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Dave Edwards is the Communications Specialist for the Pythian Group.

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HA! Congrats Christo!

Scott Rappoport
June 29, 2007 11:21 am


What’s next: The Men of Pythian calendar?!?!?

But you look like some one just told you that the MIGHTY DUCKS beat the Senators.***

Smile, huh…

But, right, “world class DBA’s that don’t need to be” DON’T SMILE. No self respecting DBA would allow himself to show that side to his users and developers, huh?

Anyway, good going. Can you get us tickets to OpenWorld now?

Give our best to Larry,

Scott Rappoport,
San Diego

*** Being withing 100 miles of Anaheim, I couldn’t resist. Please forgive. :)

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