Cloudscape episode 3: March 2018 roundup of the key AWS, GCP and Azure updates

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Welcome back to the Cloudscape podcast. Today on the show we are once again joined by our panel of experts, Greg Baker who is representing Amazon Web Services, John Laham representing Google Cloud Platform, and Warner Chaves representing Microsoft Azure. In this episode, we look into all the newest developments across the board in the cloud space, scanning the three biggest providers for the most important updates. To start off, we tackle service discovery in AWS, managed instances in Azure and virtual discs on GCP. We then look at the shift Microsoft is making away from Windows as their primary focus and explore the idea of machine learning and its ever-increasing centrality to the cloud. From there we get into feature expansions, open-source, crowd sourcing of issues and the ever-present blockchain. Lastly we talk about Google’s new security product Cloud Armor, Azure’s answer to this and quickly discuss AI assistants.

Key points from this episode:

• The latest AWS service discovery and DynamoDB updates.
• Azure’s new SQL managed instances.
• Importing virtual discs on Google Cloud Platform.
• Microsoft’s new developments across the board.
• The cloud taking over as Microsoft’s main strategy.
• Education and machine learning and its ever-increasing importance.
• Google’s Cloud Datastore and its new import-export features.
• Custom images in Google Cloud Dataproc.
• Updates to Amazon’s machine learning SageMaker.
• Quicker turnaround time for data on Azure.
• Feature expansions on Azure SQL DB Standard.
• Amazon Web Service’s newly open-sourced documents.
• Crowdsourcing cloud issues and the client responsibility model.
• What these and other updates mean for the blockchain.
• Google’s new, alpha-stage Cloud Armor.
• Azure’s latest cloud security measures.
• AI assistant scheduled meetings.
• And much more!

Links mentioned in today’s episode:

Greg Baker
John Laham
Warner Chaves
Zoo Keeper
Cloud Armor
Diane Green
Trevor AI



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