Cloudscape podcast – episode 2: February 2018 roundup of the key AWS, GCP and Azure updates

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Welcome to another episode of the Cloudscape Podcast. Today on the show we are joined by Greg Baker who will discuss AWS, John Laham will discuss Google Cloud Platform and Warner Chaves will discuss Microsoft Azure. Inside this episode we dive into the latest encryption standards and why they are more important today than ever. We also unpack Cloud TPUs, the various release cycles at Google, and the changes in network bandwidth. Finally, we dig deeper into VNet endpoints, Event Grid, cryptocurrencies, and everything else in between. Stay tuned as we update you on what’s going on in the cloudscape and interview our expert panelists on the differences between providers within the industry.

Key points from this episode:

• Learn more about the at rest encryption that was announced for Dynamo.
• The default at-rest encryption available for Cosmos and Azure.
• Why there is no opt-out option for encryption with Microsoft at this point.
• Discussing the unique ASICs behind Cloud TPU’s powering them.
• Understand the different release cycles presently used at Google, specifically beta.
• Network bandwidth and network tiers introduced by Google.
• Using Single Root IO Virtualization (SR-IOV) and getting lower in the CPU utilization.
• Why now is a great time pay the cost to update and get on the newer instance types.
• The use of VNet endpoints for Azure SQL Database.
• Discussing the differences between Event Grid and Amazing SNS.
• Why there has not been a lot of widespread use of Logic Apps.
• How Event Grid is part of the story of making serverless more powerful in Azure.
• Background on the Data Engineer Certification and the new practice exam.
• AWS’s serverless application repository entering into general availability.
• Google’s release of an access to GPU’s in data for Kubernetes cloud.
• How Cosmos allows you to have the graph data modelling experience.
• Expectations for the Go programming language and its features.
• And much more!


Links mentioned in today’s episode:

Greg Baker
John Laham
Warner Chavez
Azure Cosmos DB
Cloud TPUs
VNet Endpoints
Event Grid
Amazon SNS
Logic App
Bare metal server
AWS Serverless Application Repository
Puppet Forge




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