Cloudscape podcast: highlights from Google Next 2018

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Welcome to a special edition of the Cloudscape podcast! Today’s show is dedicated to the recent Google Cloud Next conference and the announcements that were made at the event. We welcome back Greg Baker, Pythian’s AWS expert and our guest of honor, Kartick Sekar, Pythian’s Google Cloud Platform (GCP) expert, to fill us in on his impressions from the show. He’ll also talk about key themes and GCP growth in 2018 before we get into the big talking points and speeches that stood out. Kartik details a host of advancements and exciting new features from the hundred-plus that saw the light of day at Next. We talk enterprise readiness, GKE on-prem, serverless options, GitHub integration, BigQuery and much more so be sure to tune into this extra special episode.

Key points from this episode:

• A little about Google Next and what characterizes the conference.
• The two major themes that stood out at this year’s event.
• GCP’s enterprise readiness and the companies that spoke about this at Next.
• Some of the stand out keynote speakers and their presentations.
• The exciting GKE on-prem announcement.
• The general availability of Cloud Function on GCP.
• GCP Cloud Build integration with Github.
• The counterpart serverless options from AWS.
• GCP’s newish partnership with GitHub alongside that of Microsoft.
• A discussion on the future of serverless containers.
• The exciting latest advancements from Google’s BigQuery.
• BigQueries machine learning announcement.
• Shielded VMs, Secure Boot and protection from malicious insiders.
• The eventual arrival of Google’s Cloud HSM.
• What Access Transparency offers GCP customers.
• The general feeling from Next that Google is listening to its customers.
• And much more!

Links mentioned in today’s episode:

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