COLLABORATE 07, Hubble Telescope and Hana

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UKOUG 2006 is over and I was planning to finally provide a bit more details about it especially now when wireless internet is usable – during the conference there were way too many people connected and it was difficult to get in. It’s really nice that they left a Wi-Fi access point working after conference closing.

While sitting around “Oak” Table (or how it’s called this year – Bloak table), I got a reminder that today is the last day to send IOUG abstracts. Since I planned to submit an abstract there – I rushed in and filled out two proposals based on responses I’ve got from my UKOUG presentations.

One abstract is about block change tracking internals. I saw that people were interested and Jonathan Lewis even mentioned it on his blog. So I thought that if this sir enjoyed it then others must be interested as well. I will probably redesign it a bit and remove some details but cover few more things that are unknown so far. Thanks to Tanel’s presentation on advanced research techniques, I have few ideas where to look now.

The second presentation will be (if accepted) on Extensibility of Grid Control. I saw that there was interest but I packed way too much in the presentation and rushed through it. So my plan is to cut some bits from it and organize a demo instead. I learned quite a bit from my first presenting experience so next time I should be even better. ;-)

Now the most important message of this post… I know the story behind this picture taken by the Hubble telescope. :-) Do you?
I’ll give you a hint – it’s a member of the OakTable Network on this picture – nothing to do with Uranus. By the way, Anjo Kolk is a very nice and entertaining guy as well as bunch of others I’ve met here at UKOUG. If you really want to know the secret of that picture – ask Anjo. I’m sure he’ll be happy to provide some insightful details.

By the way, he had quite interesting presentation “CPU Stories” and showed how to decide between faster CPU’s or more CPU’s. Actually, I’m really impressed that he was able to deliver it so well after such a long night (again!).

Since I started to speak about the last night, I can tell you that it was very entertaining and lots of fun. I collected quite a few nice photos and should post soon. Interesting fact is that this morning everyone (except me) knew that I went to bed at 5:20. How come? I’ll go and check if there is a hidden camera in my room. To get you guys jealous – I’m going to a nice Indian restaurant today. :-P

Here is another detail from the evening. The name of this beautiful detail is Hana.
Hana, you promised to read my blog. The picture of you that we have is really poor in quality. Please send us a good one! Me and Anjo are looking forward to it!

PS: Hm… is my darling reading this blog?

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Hello Alex,

I am back and body is slowly adjusting to the Dutch Timezone and Lifestyle. It was very good meeting you. We should do it again, hopefully with Hanna :)


Alex Gorbachev
November 23, 2006 8:54 am

Let’s see if I make it to the EOUC 07 to check this Dutch lifestyle out. ;-)


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