Collaborate 12: Speakers I’d Like to Hear Again

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The recent Collaborate 12 conference was one of the best conferences for me, personally. It isn’t just because of my personal success story. During the conference, I made a lot of new friends, caught up with good old friends, did a lot of networking, and had FUN.

Some of the most valuable takeaways from the conference were the knowledge, inspiration, and energy I received from other speakers. I must admit that preparation for my presentations was a priority for me. Therefore, I couldn’t manage to hear all the presenters I would have liked to hear. Nevertheless, I am glad that I managed to listen to some of the great speakers.

The purpose of this blog post is to share my favorite speakers list from Collaborate 12 and give you hints on who you may want to listen to at future conferences. Let me start with 4 speakers that I didn’t hear before Collaborate 12.


Fuad Arshad, an Oracle DBA from Walgreens Company, made his very first public presentation, and it was very successful.
  • Presentation: High Availability Boot Camp: Migrating from Single Instance to RAC and Upgrading – A Dataguard Success Story
  • Presentation’s slides
  • Twitter
  • Blog
  • Fuad is currently doing a lot of work in the Oracle Database Appliance space.
Leighton Nelson, Lead Database Administrator from Mercy, is another energetic, young Oracle DBA. I will listen to his presentations again if I have the chance.
  • Presentation: High Availability Boot Camp: Looking at RAC, Clusterware/Grid Infrastructure Diagnostic Tools
  • Presentation: Learning Oracle with Oracle VM VirtualBox
  • Presentations’ slides
  • Twitter
  • Blog
  • If you are serious about RAC, then I would suggest studying Leighton’s Diagnostic Tools presentation.
Arup Nanda is a very highly regarded Oracle expert in the Oracle community from Starwood Hotels & Resorts. I wonder how I managed to not listen to him before.
  • Presentation: Rise of the Machines
  • Presentation: Security Boot Camp: Secure Your Database in a Single Day
  • Presentation: Internals and Performance Bootcamp: How Oracle Locking Works
  • Presentations’ slides
  • Twitter
  • I had the pleasure to hear his “How Oracle Locking Works” presentation. For me, an Oracle DBA with 15+ years of experience, it was a very educational session.
Riyaj Shamsudeen is the Principal DBA from OraInternals, LLC. I was amazed by how he read Oracle Instance’s background processes’ truss trace file and explained how those work. It was very cool.
  • Presentation: Internals and Performance Boot Camp: Truss, pstack, pmap, and more
  • Presentation: SCAN, VIP, HAIP, and other RAC acronyms
  • Presentation’s slides
  • Twitter
  • Blog


Well, if you are reading this blog you probably know that Pythian employs many talented experts. If you have the chance to listen to an expert from Pythian, it will be based on real experience and knowledge verified in the field. Pythian encourages employees (us) to contribute to the IT community via all sort of activities, including blogging and presenting at conferences. (This is another cool reason to work for the company.) Collaborate 12 wasn’t an exception. We have the following  representatives:

DBA 101 Boot Camp: RACing up the Miles as a Beginner
Measuring Seniority By Years in the Business … I Think Not

Security Boot Camp: Security Around MySQL

The Answer to Free Memory, Swap, Oracle, and Everything

Deploying Oracle Database 11gR2 for High Availability

Using GoldenGate to minimize database upgrade risk

  • Satya Gudivada from World Wide Technology, Twitter (co-presenting with Yury)

Oracle Database 11g SCAN: Sharing a Successful Implementation Experience

High Availability Boot Camp: 10 Problems with Your RMAN Backup Script
Oracle Database 11g SCAN: Sharing a Successful Implementation Experience


This section lists speakers that I have either listened to before or know that they did a great job at Collaborate 12.

  • Markus Michalewicz from Oracle (RAC product manager), Presentation slides. If you are serous about RAC, please find the time to listen one of the to Markus’ presentations.

Leverage Oracle RAC to Get the Most from Your Private Database Cloud

  • Steven Chan from Oracle (Oracle E-Business Suite), blog. I don’t think a comment is needed here.  Steven is a well-known name in the Oracle EBS community.

Oracle E-Business Suite Technology Certification Primer and Roadmap

Real World Performance – Finally, I got the chance to participate in one of the series events, and it was a very COOL 4h session.
Oracle Real World Performance Video Series – Migrate a 1TB Datawarehouse in 20 Minutes

  • Craig Shallahamer President/Founder from Orapub Inc.,  BlogTwitter

Internals and Performance Boot Camp: SQL Elapsed Time Analysis
Daily Forecasting & Predictive Analysis Seminar
Unit of Work Time Based Performance Analysis

  • Roel Hartman, Software Architect from Logica,  BlogTwitter

Done in 60 Seconds – Creating Web 2.0 Applications Made Easy
APEX Boot Camp: Striving for Perfection: The Ultimate APEX Architecture
5 Cool Things you can do with HTML5

  • Tony Jambu Database Consultant from Wizard Consulting Pty Ltd,  Twitter

Exadata – The Facts and Myth Behind A Proof Of Concept/Benchmark

Database Development: SQL Holmes – The Case of the Missing Performance
Solving Puzzles with SQL: Cheating when playing the game SET
Who’s Afraid of Analytic Functions? (2-Part Session)

  • Brian Huff, Chief Software Architect from Bezzotech,  Twitter

Crash Course In WebCenter Sites (FatWire) for Site Studio Customers
Making Next-Generation Mobile Apps With The Latest ADF Mobile Tools

  • Martin Klier Senior DBA from Klug GmbH integrierte Systeme, Blog, Presentation

Internals and Performance Boot Camp: Resolving Child Cursor Issues Resulting in Mutex Waits

Your Path to Understanding Fusion Applications

How to scale your data exponentially: The art of Database sharding

Perl – A DBA and Developers best (forgotten) friend. A beginners guide to Perl.


As I was limited by time and the preparation to my own sessions, I was unable to see all good presentations at Collaborate 12. I am sure there were others. However, I have asked others via Twitter to help spot good sessions they have attended. Thanks to Maxym Kharchenko for mentioning these.

  • Bradley Kuszmaul Chief Architect from Tokutek

Challenges of Big Databases with MySQL

  • Daniel Stober Data Architect from Intermountain Healthcare

Database Development Boot Camp: Understanding the Windowing Clause – Oracle Analytic SQL

  • Saibabu Devabhaktuni Distinguished DBA from PayPal

Deep dive into ASH (active session history)

If you know a good session, please be my guest and mention it in the comments.
Hope to see you at the next Oracle conference folks,
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About the Author

Yury is a nice person who enjoys meeting and working with people on challenging projects in the Oracle space. He started to work as an Oracle DBA 14 years ago (1997). For the past 10 years (since 2001) his main area of expertise is Oracle e-Business Suite. Yury is an OCP 7,8,9,10g and OCM 9i,10g. He is a frequent presenter at Oracle related conferences such as Hotsos, UKOUG and AUOUG. Yury is a socially active person. Apart from Social Media (Twitter, Bloging, Facebook) he is the primary organizer of Sydney Oracle Meetup group (250 people). So if you happen to be in Sydney (Australia) drop Yury a message and stop by at one of his Meetups.

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