COLLABORATE16 IOUG – call for papers

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There’s so many ways to proceed
To get the knowledge you need
One of the best
Stands out from the rest
COLLABORATE16 – indeed!

Why not be part of the show
By sharing the stuff that you know
Got something to say
For your colleagues each day
Call for papers –> let’s go

I believe many of you would agree that regardless of how insignificant you believe your corner of the Oracle technology may be, everyone has something to say. I attended my first show in Anaheim CA USA in 1990 and started presenting at shows the year after in Washington DC USA. It’s not hard to get over the hump, moving from I would love to present a paper at a show but I just don’t have the koyich to wow that was fun. The only way you will ever get the strength is to do it (and do it and do it …).

Some suggestions for getting started …

  1. Co-present with a colleague
  2. Collaborate through paper and slides development WITH your colleague rather than parcel off portions to one another then merge at the end.
  3. Be cautions of trying to cover too much in too little time (I once attended a session at IOUW [a pre-cursor to COLLABORATE] where the presenter had over 400 slides to cover in 45 minutes].
  4. Ask for assistance from seasoned presenters (mentor/protégé type relationship).
  5. Go slowly at first and set yourself some realistic but aggressive goals.

The experience of presenting at shows is rewarding and I for one do it as much as I can … Ensuring Your Physical Standby is Usable and Time to Upgrade to 12c (posting of 2015 presentation details pending).

The confidence gain, personal koyich, and rewards of presenting at events are life long and can help propel your career into the ionosphere. Speaking of confidence, 20 months ago I started playing bridge. Now look where my experience presenting at shows and writing for Oracle Press got me.

Surprises surprises abound
With the new confidence found
Presenting is great
Get now on your plate
In no time you’ll be so renowned


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