From configuration management to Cloud orchestration

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When moving and managing complex systems to the cloud, IT professionals look to bridge the gap between their existing configuration management tools and the incoming cloud system.

Configuration management has traditionally been about managing servers individually or in groups. Cloud orchestration is about thinking less about the servers and more about the services they provide.

In this presentation, I share three stories that will lead you through this journey towards cloud orchestration:

  • Where configuration management came from
  • How to limit your exposure to risk (with innovation tokens)
  • Building on your engineering strengths

If you have decided that the cloud is right for you, but are looking to understand the differences between each of the major cloud providers, this presentation will help you explore your options.  




What comes next?

To learn how to reduce the risks associated with a cloud transformation project, take a few minutes to read this paper on the 5 Phases of Cloud Transformation.


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