Considering alternatives to RDBMS? NoSQL may be the answer

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In today’s digital economy, big data, mobile and IoT are pushing the limits of traditional RDBMS capabilities. While the growth of available data is staggering, businesses struggle to take full advantage of opportunities to turn that data into business value without breaking the bank. As a result, many organizations are exploring new, more cost-effective ways to manage and process large amounts of data. And this often leads them to look at alternatives to RDBMS technologies.

Although relational databases offer powerful file management capabilities behind traditional applications like customer relationship management, they may not have the flexibility, scalability or cost-effectiveness required by new and emerging applications.

For many businesses, NoSQL technologies provide the flexibility, scalability and performance  they need to keep up with things like increased demand for online services, or meeting evolving customer expectations. NoSQL is built specifically to meet the requirements of big data, mobile and IoT.  So it’s no surprise that NoSQL adoption is on the rise. In fact, Allied Market Research predicts that the global market for NoSQL technologies will grow at a rate of 35.1 percent, reaching $ 4.2 Billion by 2020.

Is NoSQL technology right for your business? Depending on your specific needs, your applications, the type and volume of your data, it could be the right choice as either a complementary technology to an existing RDBMS, or a complete replacement.

Find out if NoSQL is right for your business. Download this eBook to learn out about:

  • Key capabilities of NoSQL databases
  • Use cases for NoSQL
  • Cost considerations of migrating to NoSQL
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