Data lovers’ gift guide 2018

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Can’t figure out what to get that special data professional on your list? Back by popular demand, our Data lover’s gift guide helps you choose the perfect gift for that data analyst, visualizer, engineer, BI pro or data scientist on your list. Happy shopping!


 Visual Complexity: Mapping Patterns of Information

Visual Complexity: Mapping Patterns of Information By Manuel Lima
Perfect for the visualization enthusiast on your list. Manuel Lima, the Design Lead at Google and data viz teacher at Parsons, shows us how to beautifully draw meaning from huge sets of data. This seminal 2011 work may have become even more relevant over time.


Everybody Lies: Big data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are.

Everybody Lies: Big data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are. By Seth Stephens-Davidowitz.
What we thought we knew about ourselves is wrong, because we even lie on surveys! But big data tells another, more fascinating and shocking story. A human big data story.


Ten Signs of Data Science Maturity

Ten Signs of Data Science Maturity by Peter Guerra & Kirk Borne
Data science should be a way of doing things, not a thing to do. This O’Reilly publication can help your data professional measure, improve and elevate data science in your organization. And guess what? It’s free!


Dear Data

Dear Data by Giorgia Lupi & Stephanie Posavec
The visualization of the everyday in the form of postcard art — it’s really the only book in its genre. A visually compelling correspondence between friends about their daily lives, in infographic form.



Edward Tufte course
At 76, the man is still writing and teaching. Reviews are excellent for this one-day course, but your data designers may need to travel, so be prepared to lose them for a day or two.




Tablet stand

Tablet stand
Keeps desktop clutter in check for the data pro juggling multiple devices.


Seize the Data MugThere are Two Types of People Mug

Seize the data mug &
There are two types of people mug
Who doesn’t need a hot liquid from time to time? Help them convey coffee, tea, or a peppermint eggnog latte to their lips while conveying their deep adoration of the datum.


Beer cap map

Beer cap map
Let your data obsessive document and communicate beer consumption in a geographic fashion, anywhere on earth.


The first 3422 digits of Pi arranged in an Archimedean spiral poster
The first 3422 digits of Pi arranged in an Archimedean spiral poster from Fine Art America. [To refresh this, I found some amazing art by Jer Thorpe and Christian Flaccus but haven’t found a site that sells posters yet. Will keep looking.]


Vintage Data Storage Poster

Vintage data storage poster
From reels to cassettes, floppies to LPs, some of us have seen it all.


Data Pro Action Figure

Data pro action figure
Data professionals are your company’s superheros. Why not create a personalized action figure that looks just like them?


My Big Data is Bigger than Yours Ball Cap

My big data is bigger than yours ball cap
The ultimate dis hat for games, conferences and team-building events.


Love Your Data T-shirt from Pythian
Love your data t-shirt from Pythian
Help them tell the world what they should love!


Talk Data to Me button
Talk data to me button
Enough said.


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