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A colleague of mine just mentioned that he tried to pre-register for my Oracle rman: Don’t Forget the Basics on Sunday morning at 10:30am. This reminded me of something that I have meant to mention for a while, but Greg’s news really hit home…

Many database administrators who are hungry for CORE database sessions at Oracle OpenWorld need to look far and go out of their way to register early for presentations in this discipline. Database administration, in some circles, is looked upon as a “dying” role as vendors automate and encapsulate CORE support activities into the likes of ASH, Cloud Control, and some other high-end management assistants. The fact remains that regardless of what we are told, the strong CORE database skills are here to stay, and a demand for education on this topic is not going anywhere quickly.

The opportunities to get a seat at CORE database management sessions are probably close to non-existent when the show is so near. My session is full, and I imagine that this is the same state of many. There are opportunities for education at the user group forum (UGF) running Sunday with a host of renowned technical personnel in the Oracle space, especially in database management activities. Pythian’s own Gwen Shapira (Flexible Design and Modeling: Planning for Constant Change as well as Value-Based Testing) and Christo Kutrovsky (The Answers to Free Memory, Swap, Oracle Database, and Everything) can be seen at the UGF as well as yours truly (Oracle rman: Don’t Forget the Basics).

You may need to be creative to grab opportunities to glean some education from Gwen, Christo, and I by approaching us outside of session times and discussing whatever you would like to discuss. Do not limit yourself to formal sessions. You will find the majority of presenters are happy to sit down with you and chat (if convenient). Oracle OpenWorld personnel will be circulating through the session rooms all week grabbing copies of our slides that should be easily accessible online not long after the show ends.

As Ed Sullivan would have said: It’s going to be a really big shOOW. See you there!

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