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I’m excited to announce that Paul Vallée, Pythian Founder and Executive Chairman, will be on-the-air online this week with a free webinar — Database Platform Migration: when is it strategically appropriate to migrate existing applications to an open-source platform? It’s based on our 10+ years experience supporting proprietary databases, such as Oracle and SQL Server, and open-source MySQL databases on the other hand and what we learned on the numerous migrations.

One of the recent projects completed with one of our Australian clients — 1 TB Oracle RDB on OpenVMS migrated to MySQL on Linux with Heartbeat cluster for high availability.

On the other hand, one telco client in Sydney, which we provide Oracle support for, notified me that they recently migrated a MySQL database to Oracle because they couldn’t find high quality enterprise level support for it. I wish we were engaged with them earlier but they seem to be pretty happy of their move.

Having discussed this subject with Paul, I can definitely say that Paul leads Pythian with the mentality that database software is technology, and engineers use the right technology in the right circumstances. That’s why this slide deck is written to be a cohesive platform-neutral (i.e. no platform advocacy!) analysis of under what circumstances a migration is appropriate.

“So you’ve got to let me know… should I stay or should I go? ”

April 2nd, noon AEST (Sydney/Melbourne). Register now.

For those of you who are not in the Australia region, please feel free to join anyway!

This is 9pm EST, 6pm PST for those of you in the Americas region and it’s 2am GMT if you’re in Europe. OK we’re not really expecting you to attend a webinar at 2am. Stay tuned for the Euro-scheduled webinar!

Migrating a commercial database management system from Oracle, IBM or Microsoft to an open-source database management system such as MySQL can make a lot of sense under certain technical and business circumstances. In this informal session, Paul Vallee, founder of The Pythian Group, will discuss the shape of the technology project and the cost pressures and dynamics that would lead to a successful platform migration.

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What does it take to be chief technology officer at a company of technology experts? Experience. Imagination. Passion. Alex Gorbachev has all three. He’s played a key role in taking the company global, having set up Pythian’s Asia Pacific operations. Today, the CTO office is an incubator of new services and technologies – a mini-startup inside Pythian. Most recently, Alex built a Big Data Engineering services team and established a Data Science practice. Highly sought after for his deep expertise and interest in emerging trends, Alex routinely speaks at industry events as a member of the OakTable.

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Will there be a US phone number we can call to listen to the webinar?

Pavel Ruzicka
April 1, 2009 6:23 am

Is there a way how to pre-register (receive notification) for the “Euro-scheduled webinar”?

Alex Gorbachev
April 1, 2009 5:18 pm

In case there are others in the US that wish to join, you can call in using +1 917 464 3045. If you need a local number in your area – contact us.

Pavel, if you could please fill in contact us form, we will definitely notify you when the time is scheduled.

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