Datascape podcast episode 18 – getting to know Postgres

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On the show today we welcome Álvaro Hernández, the founder of Ongress. Ongress is a database and research company where they work mainly with Postgres in the database space, developing and researching new products. They also provide professional services for Postgres, such as support, maintenance, and training. Previously, Álvaro worked with ToroDB, which is a database created in Spain and the first database that connect the NoSQL world with the SQL world, moving data from MongoDB to Postgres.

With the recent release of Postgres Version 10, this is a great time to get to know the product better. Álvaro joins us to share his thoughts on some of the trends in the database space and when to choose Postgres. We also dive into the top features of the latest Postgres version, as well as conference opportunities to get to know Postgres even better. Keep listening to learn more.

Key points from this episode:

  • An overview of Álvaro’s company and his career journey.
  • Understanding the trends and how Postgres is competing with other databases.
  • Find out how Postgres compares to the Oracle Database.
  • Choosing between Postgres and MySQL when doing a migration from Oracle.
  • What attracted Álvaro to working with Postgres.
  • The largest storage server that Álvaro has previously worked with.
  • Why Postgres and relational databases do better with OLTP.
  • Support available and provided for the Postgres ecosystem.
  • Unique nature of Postgres’ locking and blocking strategy that facilities OLTP workload.
  • The most prominent challenge of managing Postgres.
  • Performing ETL interacting with Postgres.
  • Top recommend resources within the Postgres community.
  • Best features and technologies of the latest version of Postgres.
  • The use case for why you would use partitioning.
  • Using Foreign Data Wrappers (FDW’s) with Postgres.
  • Some of the best learning resources for Postgres.
  • The book that has had the biggest impact on Álvaro’s career.
  • And much more!

Links mentioned in today’s episode:

Álvaro Hernández
Álvaro on Twitter
Ingres Database
Citus Data
PGConf New York
PG European Conference
PG Conference Ottawa
BDR by 2ndQuadrant
PostgreSQL Documentation
The Art of Computer Programming
Joker Conference
Postgres Moscow Conference


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