Datascape podcast episode 21 – what’s a solutions architect?

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On today’s show we welcome Adam Muise and John Laham to talk about the idea of the Solutions Architect. Both of our guests are currently employed at Pythian but have done work in design and development at other big companies prior to their present jobs. During our chat we will be unpacking the sometimes confusing, role of a Solutions Architect and navigating our way through this newish landscape. Throughout our conversation, John and Adam present some contrasting views on the topic, and share with us a few different ways to look at the role. Being quite a new trend as a job descriptor means that there is still plenty of space for definition. For those aspiring to find employment as a Solutions Architect, Adam and John give some tips on how to get current and set yourself up for these types of opportunities. If this is something you wish to do, or you are just interested in having a better understanding of what the title can mean within a workspace, this episode is definitely for you. Listen in to hear more!

Key Points From This Episode:

• An overview of Adam’s career and areas of expertise.
• What is a Solutions Architect exactly?
• Making a comparison between a Solutions Architect and domestic plumber.
• Tactics for promoting yourself as a Solutions Architect from another area of expertise.
• What makes a good background for aspiring Solutions Architects?
• The overlap between architecture and leadership roles.
• Benefits of other qualifications and skills to an Solutions Architect.
• Our guests’ favorite things about their positions at Pythian.
• The value of failure and learning from your colleagues in IT.
• The somewhat invisible basic skillset necessary to these positions.
• John does the “Lightning Round!”
• And much more!

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