Datascape Podcast Episode 36 – August Cloud Updates

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Welcome to the August episode of Datascape’s cloud update podcast where we discuss the latest announcements from the leading public cloud vendors with industry experts.

Today we are joined by Pierig Le Saux, SRE principal consultant for Pythian, who will be discussing the new regions Amazon Web Services (AWS) has opened in the Middle East, as well as their new Aurora and Control Tower services. Warner Chaves, a Datascape regular, shares the most recent Microsoft Azure updates including Bastion, Lighthouse, and their migration program. Also joining us is Stéphane Fréchette, a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) solution architect who is here to discuss the latest with GCP, most notably Google’s acquisition of Looker and Elastifile and their Data Catalog service. This episode has all the information you will need to catch you up on all the developments in the cloud space over the last few months, so be sure to tune in!

Key Points from This Episode:

• Some exciting news from Gartner about Google Cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS).
• The new region Amazon Web Services (AWS) has opened and what it means.
• How cloud providers are strategically entering Africa and the Middle East.
• More about Microsoft’s latest Azure service Bastion and what it aims to do.
• Why acquiring Looker will be a game-changer for Google.
• Speculation around the purpose of Data Studio now that Looker has come onboard.
• What Elastifile offers and what acquiring it will mean for Google.
• More info on the Azure Migration program and what tools it includes.
• What AWS’s Aurora service is about and the databases it can host.
• One of Google Cloud’s latest services, Data Catalog, that is currently in beta.
• What AWS Control Tower is and how the guardrails toolset operates.
• AWS Control Tower and Azure Lighthouse as services to manage the cloud at scale.
• How GCP has made a direct shot at Amazon Redshift.
• More about AWS’s Load Balancer update that now supports UDP.
• Kubernetes updates and what they bring to the table on the GCP.
• Deep learning containers as a nifty new offering for data science and the analytic space.
• Additional new Azure features: Data Share and proximity placement groups.
• The two new EC2 instance sizes added by AWS.
• Google’s partnership with Snowflake and offering it on GCP.
• And much more!

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Warner Chaves on Twitter
Pierig Le Saux
Stéphane Fréchette
Stéphane Fréchette on Twitter
Google Cloud
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Office 365
Dynamics 365
Power BI
Data Studio
Azure Migrate
Azure Cost Management
Google Cloud Data Catalog
Amazon Aurora
AWS Control Tower
Azure Lighthouse
Amazon Redshift
AWS Elastic Load Balancing
Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine Specialization
Azure Data Share
Amazon EC2
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