Datascape podcast episode 4 – discussing Oracle licensing in the public Cloud

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In this episode, I am joined by my colleague and Oracle expert, Bjoern Rost, who will help guide us through Oracle licensing, what’s changed, and how it’s going to affect us. We’ll also discuss licensing on prem and in the public cloud.

Bjoern has been working in IT for 15 years and started his career working for a company that helped ISV’s publish their software and deliver their software to end-clients. This process involved setting up the whole stack and architecting it from data center floor all the way to application service.

The Oracle Database has always fascinated Bjoern because of its complexity and the various opportunities to influence the way it works. Bjoern’s passion for the Oracle Database has driven him to specialized in it. He currently works as a Principal Consultant at Pythian where he helps his colleagues and their clients achieve the very best they can from the Oracle Database.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Hear about Bjoern’s background in IT and how he got started working with the Oracle Database.
  • Find out how Oracle licensing works, and why it presents such complexities.
  • Understand the purpose of the Oracle Core Factor Table and how it helps to determine on-premises licensing.
  • Discover how, most often, VCPU’s are translated into CPU’s and which rules are applied.
  • Learn about the motivation behind the changes made in the translation rules, and how it impacts licensing.
  • Hear why the move to cloud will affect enterprise and the drivers behind it.
  • Understand the reason behind pricing volatility in the cloud and its overall effects.
  • Bjoern shares his advice to customers when setting up both on-premise and cloud-based systems; evaluate what you need, consolidate, and make an investment.
  • Find out why moving off of Oracle may be a viable option, and understand why evaluating migration costs is a key factor.
  • Hear which project Bjoern is most proud of and the book that has most impacted his career.
  • Discover whether Bjoern prefers a standing or sitting desk, laptop or desktop, Mac or PC, iPhone or Android.
  • Bjoern shares his most used app and how it helps him on a daily basis.
  • Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:
    Oracle Database
    The Phoenix Project
    Bjoern on Twitter (@brost)
    Pythian’s Blog

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