Day two at Collaborate 2006 (Babette)

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Well… I already wrote my blog for day two and the internet connection got dropped and I lost everything!! Arggh!! Hopefully it does NOT happen again.

I skipped the general session but heard there was talk about Oracle unlimited support. Basically someone else summarized it as Oracle will take your money as long as you want to give it to them. So no more “de-supported” products. Of course, old products will not get bug fixes unless you really really really pay for it.

I did a logminer session in the morning. It was pretty basic stuff but had some good hints on using a dbms_application wrapper-like functionality to record your changes into a TABLE that indicated the start / stop of each procedure that you ran. Then when you compared your logminer output with data changes, you could relate the table insert / update and delete statements back to the portion of the application that was running. Cool tip!

I also attended Craig Warman’s Integrating Active Directory and OiD. Very interesting stuff. As I have not yet used Active Directory or OID, a lot of it was over my head. It did pique my interest though and I might try playing with it once I get back to Ottawa.

About 15 to 20 people attended my PostgreSQL for Oracle DBA session. I was surprised that almost everyone in the room had used both MYSQL and PostgreSQL. As it was a basic overview of PostgreSQL I was initially worried I would have nothing to offer. However, there were lots of good questions and discussion.

After I attended and Oracle 10g for the Grid but was slightly disappointed. It was more of an overview of the pieces of what was required ( Infrastructure, Application, etc) and I was hoping it would have been a little more technical.

And my final session was Back Porting ADDM, ASH to Oracle 8i, 9i by John Kanagaraj. It was the most technical presentation I saw all day. I was surprised to find I had been misinterpreting the “db file sequential read” wait event. Good stuff, John!

Actually, I have been surprised at most of the presentations so far. I have not seen the same level of technical detail as I have at the IOUG in the past. I miss Cary Milsap, Jonathan Lewis and Moens presentations!! Maybe I am just picking the wrong sessions ?!?!

And of course, the exhibit hall this year is really good. Lots and lots of goodies and lots and lots of vendors and products are represented. Reminds me of the vendor halls from years ago (before the bust).

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