DBD::Oracle 1.28 Released

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Version of 1.28 of DBD::Oracle has been released. You can find it at CPAN DBD::Oracle.

DBD::Oracle is a Perl module that works with the DBI module to provide access to Oracle databases. It is maintained by me, John Scoles, under the auspices of Pythian as Open Source/Free Software.

This is a long overdue maintenance release that fixes a large number of bug and issues which are detailed below in the Changes.

Don’t worry there are some new goodies in this release namely I have added in 4 new server side tracing/debugging attributes

For 11g and later you can now set the name of the driver layer using OCI.
PERL, PERL5, ApachePerl so on. Names starting with “ORA” are reserved. You
can enter up to 8 characters. If none is enter then this will default to
DBDOxxxx where xxxx is the current version number. This value can be
retrieved on the server side using V$SESSION_CONNECT_INFO or

When passed in on the connection attributes it can specify any info you want
onto the session up t0 64 bytes. This value can be
retrieved on the server side using V$SESSION view.

When passed in on the connection attributes it specifies the user identifier
in the session handle. Most useful for web app as it can pass in the session
user name which might be different than the connection user name. Can be up
to 64 bytes long do not to include the password for security reasons and the
first character of the identifier should not be ‘:’. This value can be
retrieved on the server side using V$SESSION view.

You can set this value to anything you want up to 32byes.This value can be
retrieved on the server side using V$SESSION view.

We have also added in the connection attribute


With this attribute you can localize the $SIG{} so this should solve the
problems with $SIG{} events that sometimes occur when using DBD::Oracle with Linux.

Finally I would like to thank Martin Evans for volunteering to be another co-maintainer of DBD::Oracle


Changed 26exe_array.t so it is compatible with older version of Test::More by John Scoles
A fix from Charles Jardine for 58object.t to stop an error on some 64 bit systems
A few quick changes from H. Merijn Brand to fix some compiler warings and a fix for Oracle 9 clients
Added connection attribute ‘ora_connect_with_default_signals’ that will localize Perl’s $SIG{INT} handler from Brian Phillips and T. Bunce
Fix in execute_array to stop possible endless loop when using a fetch sub by Martin J. Evans
Adapted Martin J. Evans’ ODBC 70execute_array.t into t/26exe_array.t by John Scoles
Fix for execute_array to bring it up to spec. by Martin J. Evans and John Scoles
Marked ProC, Oraperl.pm, ora_explain.pl, ora_context, ora_use_proc_connection and ora_parse_lang as deprecated to be removed in 1.29
Added in 4 new server side debug/trace attributes, ora_driver_name, ora_client_info, ora_session_user and ora_action on the connection handle from John Scoles
Cleaned up the pod a little by John Scoles
Fix for function name length, Some function names are over 31char long which may cause problems for some OS/Compilers (VMS IA64 box.) from Jakob Snoer
Fix for OCIPing in case where a 10 client tries to ping a <10 DB from Tim Oertel
Fix for DBD-Oracle stored proc with array bug where second call array size is unchanged from Tim Oertel
Fix for rt.cpan.org Ticket #=63332: Spelling error in POD from jonasbn
Fix for rt.cpan.org Ticket #=62152: t/28array_bind.t and t/31lob.t may call plan() twice and others do not fail on not connect from John Scoles
Fix for rt.cpan.org Ticket #=61511 ORA-00942 when inserting into a table with a LOB column over a synonym on HP-UX from Kris Lemaire
Fix for rt.cpan.org Ticket #=42842 Test 31lob fails with 64-bit Instant Client by John Scoles
Fix for support for objects on big endian platforms from Charles Jardine, John R Pierce
Fix for rt.cpan.org Ticket #=61225 Windows install (Stawberry Perl) fails on long path names from David Tulloh
Fix for rt.cpan.org Ticket #=rt64524 Memory Leak when Oracle connection fails by Martin J. Evans
Added all the missing ora_drcp values to dbh private_attribute_info by Martin J. Evans
Removed a load of attributes from sth private_attribute_info which are not handle attributes but attributes to bind_param/prepare by Martin J. Evans
Fix for rt.cpan.org Ticket #=64244 – don’t bail out, skip tests when we cannot connect by Martin J. Evans and John Scoles
Added DBI to PREREQ_PM in Makefile.PL by Martin J. Evans
Added build_requires in Makefile.PL by Martin J. Evans
Added workaround for ExtUtils::MakeMaker problems by Martin J. Evans
Added LICENSE to Makefile.PL by Martin J. Evans

John Scoles



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