DBD::Oracle 1.46 and 1.47_00 Hit CPAN

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After a little more than two weeks of soaking without any issues (yay!), version 1.45_00 of DBD::Oracle has been promoted to general use as v1.46.

And because some contributors have been very busy in the meantime, the next trial version, v1.47_00, is also already on its way to CPAN. This new version offers a few bug fixes (more details in the changelog excerpt below) as well as a rework of the platform-specific troubleshooting guides as POD documents. As usual, it’ll be left around for a minimum of two weeks before it gets promoted to v1.48.

Happy upgrade!


1.47_00   2012-07-11
  - fixed redeclaration of $len in 31lob.t - (Martin J, Evans)
  - RT55028 - stop segfaulting when attempting to read empty lobs
    (Martin J. Evans)
  - RT69059 - Despite OCIPing being documented as added in 10.2 AIX
    does not seem to have it in 10.2 leading to undefined symbol -
    Martin J. Evans
  - Promoted the troubleshooting for the different architectures to
    POD documents, for easier/prettier access.
  - Added a troubleshooting entry for RT71819 - bound output
    parameters may be returned in the wrong order (Martin J. Evans)
1.46      2012-07-11
 - promote 1.45_00 to official release
1.45_00   2012-06-21
 - In future versions of DBD::Oracle ora_verbose will be changed
   so that it is simply a switch to turn DBI's DBD tracing on or off.
   A true value will turn it on and a false value will turn it off.
   DBI's "DBD" tracing was not available when ora_verbose was created
   and ora_verbose adds an additional test to every trace test.
 - Fixed RT76695 - offset passed to ora_fetch_scroll should not affect
   normal fetches (Martin J. Evans)
 - Fixed RT76410 - fetch after fetch absolute always returns
   the same row (Martin J. Evans);
 - Fixed RT75721 - does not build with Oracle 9.2 (Martin J. Evans)
 - Fixed RT71343 - Oracle 9i does not have OCI_ATTR_TAF_ENABLED
   or OCI_ATTR_RESERVED_15/16 so cannot build (Martin J. Evans)
 - skip 24implicit_utf8.t if chr set is not UTF-8 (Martin J. Evans)
 - Fixed RT76269 - ora_taf_sleep was documented as taf_sleep by
   accident. There was no way to stop the TAF reconnect attempts.
   If you want to try another connect attempt in your taf handler you
   now need to return OCI_FO_RETRY from it. (Martin J. Evans)
 - minor change to confusing debug output for input parameters
   (Martin J. Evans)
 - RT72989 - add note to trouble shooting guide re this RT and
   Module::Runtime (Martin J. Evans)
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