DBD::Oracle 1.57_00 Is On Its Way to CPAN

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DBD::Oracle version 1.57_00 is on its way to CPAN. This release is small, but should make some Win32 users happy:

1.57_00 (2013-02-07)


  • fix RT46628 – bind_param_inout ORA_RSET causes MSWin32 access violation and RT82663 – Errors if a returned SYS_REFCURSOR is not opened (Martin J. Evans)
    If a procedure/function returns a SYS_REFCURSOR that was never opened, DBD::Oracle magics a DBI statement handle into existence and attempts to describe it (which fails). This change examines a returned SYS_REFCURSOR, and if it is initialized but not executed, does not create a DBI statement handle and returns undef instead. So now if you have a procedure/function which returns a SYS_REFCURSOR and never open it, you’ll get undef back instead of a useless statement handle. Extended 50cursor.t test to check the above fix.


  • Update Lion instructions for 64-bit Instant Client. (GH#37, patch by theory)

As usual, the dev release will be promoted to general use in two weeks, assuming no problem is found.


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