DBD::Oracle v1.43_00 on CPAN — Now with 100% Less DBIS

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A new trial version of DBD::Oracle is on CPAN. The meat of this release is the awesome work Martin Evans did in the murky core of the beast. He explains it better, but basically his magic results is a much faster DBD::Oracle on thread-enabled perls.

This being said, the changes he did are significant (2.3K lines changed according to Git), and we would be very grateful for anybody finding the time to try and install that trial version before it goes live (which, unless something wrong is found, should be in 2 weeks).

Version 1.43_00 Changelog


  • Removed all DBIS usage, fixing and speeding up threaded Perls (Martin J. Evans).

Bug Fixes

  • Applied patch from Rafael Kitover (Caelum) to column_info to handle DEFAULT columns greater in length than the DBI default of 80. The DEFAULT column is long, and it is a PITA to have to set LongReadLen, which you can only do on a connection handle in DBD::Oracle. The default maximum size is now 1Mb; above that, you will still have to set LongReadLen (Martin J. Evans).
  • Fixed 70meta and rt74753-utf8-encoded to not die if you cannot connect to Oracle or install from CPAN if you have not set up a valid Oracle connection.
  • Fixed 75163. Bfile lobs were not being opened before fetching if ora_auto_lobs was disabled (Martin J. Evans). Note: This has a minor impact on non bfile lobs when ora_auto_lobs is not in force as an additional call to OCILobFileIsOpen will be made.
  • Minor fix to avoid use of uninitialized variable in 31lob.t (Martin J. Evans).


  • Clarification of when StrictlyTyped/DiscardString can be used and LongReadLen (Martin J. Evans).
  • Documented the 3rd type of placeholder and rewrote the existing pod for placeholders (Martin J. Evans).
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