Doug Burns and Pythian’s Team 2

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Doug Burns posted photos with his new teammates on his blog, and I felt they deserved a mention here too.

See Team 2 and some other Pythian people — (Darrin, not of Team 2, had to pop in unexpectedly in the last photo with Paul) — for yourself:

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Julien Lamarche is a DBA with The Pythian Group since 2006. He graduated from the University of Ottawa with Magna Cum Laude (B.A.Sc. Software Engineering, 2004). In the past, he has added multilingual capabilities to the weblets sourceforge project as well as collaborated with on their CMS back-end. Outside of Pythian life, Julien works with the Green Party of Canada Ottawa-Vanier Greens. In 2005, Julien went accross Canada with 12 other cyclists for the environmental education NGO The Otesha Project. Julien's Pythian blog posts can be viewed at

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Good to see some of the people I know just by name.


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