Webinar for EMEA, June 4: Migrating to an Open Source DB Platform

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When we founded Pythian Europe a year ago, we had, as former Oracle employees, a rather black-and-white view of the database world. There was the Oracle database; and then “The Others.”

Here at Pythian, though, we learned that the database world is more colorful than that, and very dynamic. Of course there are passionate debates between our Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server teams over whose DBMS is better. These discussions, however, are friendly and respectful, and when it comes to a concrete situation, the winner is always the customer—his or her business needs and circumstances decide.

We learned a lot about the fascinating history of MySQL and more details about its features from Nicklas Westerlund and Danil Zburivsky, MySQL experts and members of Pythian Europe. Nicklas helped with the migration of a 1 TB Oracle RDB database on OpenVMS to MySQL on Linux. And there’s our Australian colleagues—see Alex’s blog about the Australian Webinar.

Paul Vallée, Pythian’s founder and Executive Chairman really opened our eyes. Paul talks about Oracle’s 11G features with the same enthusiasm he has for MySQL’s federated architecture, or for SQL Server’s peer-to-peer replication technology. You could hardly find anybody who presents his visionary views of the new technology trends like cloud computing, virtualization, or server consolidation with such a deep understanding of the topics.

Here is your opportunity—especially those of you in Europe,the Middle East, or Africa—to confer with Paul Vallée on Thursday, June 4, 2009 12:00 PM–1:00 PM CEST (11AM–12:00 PM GMT) in a free webinar, Database Platform Migration.

Migrating a commercial database management system from Oracle, IBM, or Microsoft to an open-source database management system such as MySQL, can make a lot of sense under certain technical and business circumstances. In this informal session, Paul Vallée, founder of The Pythian Group, will discuss the technological shape of a project of this kind, its cost pressures, and the actions and considerations leading to a successful platform migration.

This is the third session of this webinar, so if you missed the Americas and Australian ones, you have another opportunity to share in the The Pythian Group’s expertise.

Please register for this free webinar here: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/461033386.

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