Evaluating Google AlloyDB for PostgreSQL 

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In May of 2022, Google released the public preview of their long awaited and proprietary version of PostgreSQL called AlloyDB. This Google Cloud (GCP) service differs from the core PostgreSQL (and from their own Cloud SQL PostgreSQL) with some Google unique features and performance optimizations, however AlloyDB remains 100% PostgreSQL compatible.

Pythian Experts Evaluate NEW Google AlloyDB for Postgres 

Google leveraged Pythian’s Database expertise to evaluate their new database system; Google AlloyDB. 

Simon Says

This September, I will be speaking at PGConf. NY 2022 to share my evaluation of Google AlloyDB for PostgreSQL. 

At PGConf. NY 2022 my session will be directly sharing the lessons learned when testing Google AlloyDB for PostgreSQL at Pythian. I will identify the Google Cloud differentiators, provisioning and deployment uniqueness, and key capabilities that DBAs will find useful, including core advantages. 

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