Exadata BP5 Patching Issues

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We’re in the process of applying Exadata Bundle Patch 5, and ran into an issue I wanted to share.

Step 5 in the post-install instructions in the README says:

5. Recompile all invalid objects before using in catmet2


— recompile dbms_metadata_int to enable the diffing code
alter package dbms_metadata_int compile plsql_ccflags = ‘ku$xml_enabled:true’;

— recompile dbms_metadata_util to enable the xmlschema load code
alter package dbms_metadata_util compile plsql_ccflags = ‘ku$xml_enabled:true’;


NOTE: If warnings are received after running the catmet2.sql and the alter
packages for dbms_metadata_int and dbms_metadata_util like below :

Received “Warning: Package altered with compilation errors.”

Please recompile those packages manually and re-run catmet2.sql:

alter package DBMS_METADATA_INT compile body;

alter package DBMS_METADATA_UTIL compile body;



The system didn’t have a XDB user, and likely because of this, the two “alter package” commands invalidated the dbms_metadata objects. The subsequent recompilations all failed. On advice from Oracle support, we ended up backing out the patch and re-applying without running these “alter package” commands, and confirmed that DBMS_METADATA works fine.

So if you don’t have XDB installed, skip the “alter package” commands. I hope the README is updated soon.



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My team member ran into a big mess with his applying of the CRS patch that goes along with this patch bundle. Something about conflicting binaries. Did you run into any issues there?

Marc Fielding
August 12, 2010 7:57 pm

We didn’t receive any messages about conflicting binaries. Have you rolled back any conflicting one-off patches? In our case, we had patches for bugs 9469117 and 9072105 (both rolled into BP5) that needed to be rolled pack prior to applying BP5.


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