First MMUG Meetup in Malta

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So, the Malta MySQL User Group has had its first ever meet-up today, and it was a success! When organizing it, I had no clue how many people would show up, people have said “yes” and then changed to “no”, and vice versa.

Anyway, so the morning came, and I sent out a few confirmation emails, and it suddenly dropped down to just three of us, which was a shame. Anyway, around 5pm, I noticed that there was four more that had just said they wanted to attend. Unfortunately, one of those dropped out, but it was still a great turnout.

This is a great opportunity for us to promote MySQL use in Malta, as well as share experience and knowledge. Also just to network a bit.

So, this time, for meeting #1, we met up outside a local bank, and walked to Il-Mithna, which is a local restaurant. In this picture, there is the first core group of local user group members, all happily gathered and just about to start our discussions.

Malta MySQL User Group

The evening proceeded with a introduction of ourselves, our interest in MySQL, and mainly talk about weird bugs that we had encountered during our careers.

Oh, we also discussed Kickfire a bit, and it does indeed sound like a very interesting product, which I’d love to try out one day.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this meeting and the turnout, and we’ve decided to have the next one on the last Thursday of August, the 28th. This will be held in central/south-central Malta, Please do come join us if you have a chance, you can contact me directly at westerlund (at), and I will give you exact time and location when it is decided.

MySQL usage in Malta seems to be very strong, and I’m glad that we here at Pythian has decided to establish operations here, and I think that we’ll see a lot of good things coming from the Mediterranean soon.

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