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“You are lucky,” the taxi driver told me when he picked me up at the Ottawa Airport. “It began snowing right after your flight landed.” I personally like snow — just like the Chinese saying, “heavy snow brings heavy harvest”. Yes, I am lucky to be able to work at Pythian where the world’s top 5% talented data lovers come together. I am lucky to begin my first week at Pythian with hard weather and hard work which eventually leads to heavy harvest, I always believe.

I feel Pythian is like a warm home, when Dag met me on early Monday morning to bring me to the office. After that, Jennifer and Sarah introduced me to every person we met and they all show their kindness to me. I feel Pythian is transparent, when HR, Marketing, Sales and SD departments shared as much as possible information to us new employees. We can even see everyone’s calendar and work posting. Yes, I mean it, EVERYONE! Which is really good, because being transparent means being confident, reliable and responsible. I also feel inspiring while Paul, Pythian founder, shared his story and his thoughts regarding the company.

Besides all the above good things, you need to work hard as well, since there are lots of information and skills waiting for you.  No worry, you will have an experienced SDC to help you as we have Shawna. Here lists 3 tips to help you as a DBA survive and enjoy the first week at Pythian.

1. Taking those BORG sessions are important but only part of your tasks. The Onboarding check list your SDC sent to you before your arriving is really important. Make sure you walk through all the items in the list and try you best to understand them.

2. Start to use Support Track to book your time the earlier the better. Make sure you book your time under the right CR numbers listed in the email coming with the checklist.

3. Your TTL may send you an email asking you do some Bootcamp tasks, spend some time on it because it is your job related technical things. Just follow the instructions, it is not that hard.

Go relax and enjoy your first week at Pythian!

By the way, if you are lucky enough having a seat near Michael S. Abbey, he will share his experiences with you, calm you down and relax your stress. which is really helpful.

Last but not the least, I would like say thank you to Christina, Danil, Amanda, Manoj and Steve who made the wonderful decision to bring me in!


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