Four tips for migrating your enterprise applications to AWS

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Many companies are cutting costs and gaining a major boost in scalability, agility and innovation potential by moving their enterprise applications to the cloud. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has proved to be an especially popular platform because it supports pretty much any use case you might imagine. This flexibility may be why it has more than a million active customers.

Whether you go with AWS or another cloud platform, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make your enterprise application migration a success:

Working in the cloud requires thinking differently about your applications and projects. It’s important to make sure you fully understand how processes will need to be updated, what’s involved in migration, and so on. A great way to learn some of the ins and outs of the cloud is to migrate a test case. This brings me to the next point…

Your foray into the cloud doesn’t have to be a lift and shift. In fact, if you’re just getting started, that would be ill-advised. By starting small, such as by migrating only your backups and archival storage, you can get more familiar with the cloud before moving more over to it.

Switching to the cloud is a great opportunity for businesses to introduce automation. With AWS the entire platform can be automated—even the migration stage can be a fully automated process. The best way to build automation into the cloud is to get started pre-migration. By doing so, as well as by making everything is auto-scaling and highly available early on, you can get the most out of your chosen platform.

If you really want to accelerate your move to the cloud, bring in an expert on the platform you’re interested in. They can make sure you’re following best practices and help you avoid any pitfalls to ensure a smooth migration process. Getting this sort of help early on will give you a big leg-up and set you on your way to using the cloud to its full potential.
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