Gaming company benefits from increased responsiveness with help from Pythian’s Google BigQuery experts

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When Skillz, a leading mobile eSports platform connecting 2.6 billion gamers across the globe, sought Pythian’s help with reducing storage costs, they learned they could not only reduce costs but also gain a more responsive application while providing an improved player experience.

The gaming company collects data to customize player experiences by delivering relevant campaigns, performing fraud and cheater detection, segmenting markets, and providing special offers according to region or interest. However, the Skillz environment was complex, comprising of many layers and very complex code, as well as geographical data, and their existing analytics were costly and slow. “We were running these applications hourly to customize these different features, then finding ourselves wishing we could do that much more quickly,” said Miriam Aguirre, VP Engineering at Skillz.

Skillz wanted to move to an ‘event-driven’ analytics structure but first needed to determine the benefits of migrating to BigQuery and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Google recommended Pythian to help with the project, assuring Skillz that Pythian had the skills and experience to perform the complex data integration needed to test a new data warehouse platform.

Pythian’s experts quickly became an extension of the Skillz engineering team, converting and validating analytical queries, and providing optimizations without any disruption. They demonstrated how, by using BigQuery, queries generated by player events and interactions could be processed in near real time, up to ten times faster, taking just minutes instead of hours.

Learn how Pythian helped Skillz see the benefits of BigQuery to customize their players’ experience, and detect fraud and cheating by providing powerful, reliable, and cost-effective analytics.





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