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You know you’re a geek when…

Pythian is proudly celebrating International Geek Pride Day! According to the Wikipedia, Geek Pride Day is “an initiative which claims the right of every person to be a nerd or a geek”. In this case, I’ll gladly claim my chance to join the party!

Today I’m sporting an X-Men t-shirt in light of my favorite comic book character (love that bad boy Wolverine), and thinking back to the earlier days of my life where my geekiness was a little more apparent than today.

I briefly experimented with COBOL computer programming at summer camp (and I’m sure Paul Vallee will laugh again reading this as I recalled the language erroneously as Cobolt when I told him the story). My newly learned skills netted me a bumble bee image that flew across the screen. Thrilling!

Throughout grade school, I’d run home from school in record time to make the next episode of Spider-Man. During my early teens on Friday nights I could be found at the neighbours house with the local kids absorbed in a game of D&D.

While I may or may not pass for a geek with my tales above, more importantly today is a reminder and another reason for me to celebrate my Pythian colleagues. Even though some are “geekier” than others, they are all wonderful, unique and special individuals in their own right, and so I wear my X-Men t-shirt with pride today in honor of them.

Got a geeky story to share? Would you classify yourself as a geek? Why?
How would you fill in the blank below?
You know you’re a geek when….

Either create a post and link it to this one, or send me an email with a link to your post, or comment on this post with your response.

Thanks for playing.

Singer Wang celebrates with mascot Domokum.

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Andrew Poodle
May 25, 2011 8:54 am

Walking in an area of Glasgow, known for it’s protestant population and victim of various sectarian ‘issues’, you see grafitti on a wall, stating “F*** the pope”..

You know you’re a geek when you see the abbreviated version of this, and wonder why someone has daubed File Transfer Protocol on a wall


Definitely Andrew. You should correct the graffiti by adding pre-pending an “S”. People should be informed that SFTP is far more secure.

Heidi Hauver
May 25, 2011 10:38 am

You know you’re a geek when your ecstatic that the television series V is back on TV and yes you never miss a week ?


Being a follower of Pythia is geek enough in itself.

babette turner
May 25, 2011 10:45 am

Ok. I am officially NOT a geek but only a geek wannabe. I did the official 500 question survey. The persons that obtained Major Geek status actually pulled out the code to determine how points were scored after completing the survey!
– babette


Am I a geek? Well… let’s count the ways.

I am a Perl hacker. I write poetry in Perl. I partake in the extreme sport known as Perl golf. Once, I was a ref in one of the tournaments. I am the keeper of the TPR Golf’s Big Book of Useless But Strangely Amusing Statistics. And I wrote the Dial-a-Leaderboard app to get real-time results via the phone.

I am the maintainer of.. oh gawd, way too many modules on CPAN. My nogging can be used to encrypt scripts via Acme::EyeDrops. I am the codename of a version of Dancer.

I am one of the writers on Acad?mie des Chasseurs de Primes, a French comic book series now to its second album (2.5 coming this Fall!). I’m the webmaster of its official website, which is running on my web server (natch). Staying in the department of comic books, my name is scribbled on a blackboard on the first page of a Wonder Woman (or is it Terra Obscura? I forget). I am the photographic model for the rather bad-ass head vampire of ‘One Bloody Year’.

I make amigurumis, of the ACP characters, of baby Cthulus, of ninjas, medusas, camels, lobsters and whatever is cute or creepy, but mostly both. To hack more efficiently in the cold days of winter-time, I crochetted myself a pair of gloves. In baby alpaca wool.

I grow orchids. That’s the closest I can get of having plants with tentacles. That is, until my gene splitting experiments come to fruition.

I studied mathematics. And then, just to make it worse, I went on to get my degree in simulation, out of the operational research segment of the computer science department.

My machines at home are named after Mesopotamian gods and heros. My server hosts a para-olympic team and is used by a bevvy of comic book artists.

I blog. On a blogging engine I wrote myself. Which title is a reference to
William Blake’s The Tyger.

I am Yanick. I am g33k, hear me tweet! :-)

Gwen Shapira
May 25, 2011 12:44 pm


My degree is in Operations-Research too! Only in my case it was the statistics department.


… Okay, that’s it. I call my mom tonight and ask her of there are not some dark adoption secrets she would like to tell me about. Our lives seem to have so many parallels, it’s spooky. :-)


I just would say… if you really watch and like the TV Show “The Big Bang Theory”, for sure there is a nice Geek inside you :)

ps: And that… is good ;) Cheers for those who love technology/fantasy/toys/web/comics/superheroes/ficcionmovies/


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