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Every data platform has its value, and deciding which one will work best for your big data objectives can be tricky—Alex Gorbachev, Oracle ACE Director, Cloudera Champion of Big Data, and Chief Technology Officer at Pythian, has recorded a series of videos comparing the various big data platforms and presents use cases to help you identify which ones will best suit your needs.

“When we look at HBase and Cassandra, they can look very similar,” Alex says. “They’re both part of the NoSQL ecosystem.” Although they’re capable of handling very similar workloads, Alex explains that there are also quite a few differences. “Cassandra is designed from the ground up to handle very high, concurrent, write-intensive workloads.” HBase on the other hand, has its limitations in scalability, and may require a bit more thinking to achieve the same quality of service, Alex explains. Watch his video HBase vs. Cassandra for specific use cases.

Note: You may recognize this series, which was originally filmed back in 2013. After receiving feedback from our viewers that the content was great, but the video and sound quality were poor, we listened and re-shot the series.

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