Hotsos Symposium 2010 — Dallas, I’m Coming!

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Time is flying and it’s hard to believe that less than a month left until the start of the next Hotsos Symposium. If you are reading this blog, there is no chance that you don’t know what Hotsos Symposium is — it’s the most authoritative conference focused around Oracle performance.

As a special thanks to Pythian customers (you do know that Hotsos is a Pythian partner, don’t you?), there is a $100 discount so please get in touch with us to receive it.

What should you expect coming to the Hotsos Symposium 2010? It’s 3 days packed with sessions on all aspects of Oracle performance optimization whether it’s design, troubleshooting, development, methodologies and processes. Legendary Tom Kyte — who else can you expect for the keynote?!

If you take an optional training day with Tanel Poder then you are likely to learn at least as much about troubleshooting Oracle database performance as you do during the conference and probably even more. Every presentation by Tanel has been an eye opener for me. If you’ve seen his material, you’d know what I’m talking about. Now, imagine that it’s not a one-hour session but the whole day! It will fry your brains so this day is for the strongest! :)

By the way, from my past experience I recall that majority of attendees stay for the optional training day and as far as I know it’s the same year after year. They can’t all be wrong again and again.

Back to the general conference, the agenda is packed with top caliber speakers this year — no surprise. There is quite a bit of new blood — seven new Hotsos speakers in addition to twenty “old-timers”.

You might have noticed my name on the list as well. That’s right. I’ll do two presentations at the symposium – “Battle Against Any Guess” and “Run-Time Load Balancing in Oracle RAC”. You probably know what the first session is about if you read the latest book by the cool bunch of OakTable Network members or joined The BAAG Party. My second presentation is the expansion of my previous Hotsos presentation on RAC workload management but this time I’ll focus exclusively on run-time load balancing.

One special thing about Hotsos Symposium is the special atmosphere at the conference:

  • new unique (and sometimes crazy) ideas start at Hotsos
  • old ideas are run by your peers and validated (or not)
  • toughest questions gets answered

Of course, one of my personal targets at the conference is to meet good ole’ friends and hopefully make some new ones. Please do come at say hello during the symposium — I’d be glad to shake the hands of the blog readers. You could even make a more formal meeting request if you feel like it.

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I think you mean “peers” not “pears”. Unless you have a very unusual relationship with your fruitbowl.

Alex Gorbachev
February 11, 2010 5:15 pm

Just checking to see if anybody reads this. You won the prize Gary! ;-)


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