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You’re trying to install SQL Server 2019 and when you reach the feature selection SSRS is nowhere to be found. You also get this notification banner below:



SSRS installation has been separated from Microsoft SQL Server installer for SQL Server 2019. It can be downloaded separately from this page.


Note:  It is not required to have the Database Engine on the same server where you are installing SSRS but it will need a SQL Server Instance where the Report Server databases will be hosted. It is not required during installation but you’ll need that information once you configure your SSRS.

  1. Download the SSRS installer from Microsoft Download Center.
  2. Locate your downloaded installer file and launch the SQLServerReportingServices.exe. This will launch the splash screen below. Choose Install Reporting Services:

3. On the next screen you would need to choose either the free versions–Developer Edition or Trial version–or enter your product key:

Where is my product key?
If you want to install a license version of SSRS, you can grab the product key from your SQL Server 2019 Installer. You can find the product key under the PID key in the x64\DefaultSetup.ini  file within the installation files. Or just launch the installer as if you are installing a new SQL instance and grab the product key from the product key step.


4. After clicking Next, you will see the license terms. Click on I accept the license terms then click next to continue:

5. Choose to install reporting services only, then click Next:

6. On the next screen, you can specify the install location or accept the default then click Install:

7. That is all the information that the installer requires to perform the installation. The next screen will show the progress of the installation:

8. Once completed, the installation will display the setup completed screen. You can choose to simply close the installer or go directly to Report Configuration Manager by clicking on Configure report server:

You can then proceed and configure SSRS the same way as previous versions on the Report Server Configuration Manager.

For more information on SSRS and how to install them, you can check it out further here.





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Awesome instructions! Thank you!


Thank you!


I have installed this on a server, separate from the SQL Server database. The database is SQL Server 2017 and the SSMS will not accept the Product Key from that installation. How do I get a Key that will work? Thank you.


Hi David do you mean you want to install SQL Server Reporting Services 2019 with a SQL Server 2017 Database Engine product Key? You’ll need a license key for the same version of SQL Server. If you mean you are installing SSMS – SQl Server Management Studio, you don’t need a license key for that if you install the latest version. SSMS after 2017 is already separate from SQL Server Installation media. YOu can find the download link here


I’ve installed SQL Server 2019 Standard but when I try to download the SSRS installer from the link in the setup window i get a 404 not found. I can find 2017 and 2022 but not 2019. The link you provide in this post goes to SQL Server updates and I can’t find anything specific to SSRS 2019. Am I missing something?

Pio Balistoy
March 2, 2023 9:58 pm

It appears they’ve updated the link. I’ve updated the link on the post, here’s the link for your quick reference: Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


Thank you Pio. I have validated the x64\DefaultSetup.ini file on the GCP compute instance which has the image for -> SQL 2019 Enterprise Edition on the Windows 2019 server.
For those user who are looking for the exact patch of the file,
DefaultSetup.ini file locates there.




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