How to Quickly Ignore ORA Error on Agent Layer

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I had a very specific situation where I wanted to ignore an error from a specific agent. It turns out that it is easier and quicker to ignore a specific error using an OEM Metric. How? By using an agent parameter. adrAlertLogErrorCodeExcludeRegex.

How to do it?

In [AGENT_INST]/sysman/config/, add a line with these parameters and the Regex to ignore the desired error or message.

Ignoring all ORA-700, for example, can be done by:


Now to ignore specific errors, for example, ORA 700 [kskvmstatact: excessive swapping observed]:


After this parameter inclusion, a restart on the agent is required.

This is also well-documented as per MOS EM 12c, 13c: How to Disable or Suppress OEM Alerts for Alert Log Error ORA-700 (Doc ID 2406779.1)

Hope this helps!

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