Infographic: What is Data Governance?

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An explainer on achieving consistency, trustworthiness, and accessibility across your data estate.

The Wild West might be entertaining in movies or TV, but it’s the equivalent of a horror show when it comes to your organization’s data. That’s why strong data governance – organization-wide data management to make data more trustworthy and accessible across all groups and departments – is essential for a winning data strategy.

But good data governance doesn’t happen naturally. Because the natural state of most data is chaotic at best, you’ve got to take proactive steps toward reining in your many different data types with centralized security and control mechanisms – anything else risks running into data silos, inconsistencies, and multiple versions of the truth. It’s just one of many reasons why a cloud-native, modern data platform can be your best friend when driving business success in today’s challenging landscape. 

Download Pythian’s latest infographic to learn about the several crucial steps and important benefits of a strong data management program, including:

  • Why understanding where your corporate data comes from, how each data type should be managed, and the state of all your data sources is critical for good data management
  • Why data governance also means top-notch data quality, and by definition ensures all your data is cleaned, to eliminate the possibility of “dirty data” in your system
  • Why your data governance team should be a cross-functional group representing data end-users and data infrastructure managers and can ensure consistent practices in place across the organization

Implementing and managing data governance isn’t easy. So why not learn how the data experts at Pythian can help with your data governance program – no matter if it’s two days or two years old – through our full range of data consulting and management services.



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Lynda Partner is a self-professed data addict and experiences the power of data every day as Pythian’s Vice President of Analytics-as-a-Service. The author of Pythian’s Love Your Data mantra, Lynda understands very well how data can transform companies into competitive winners and she was the driving force in adding an analytics practice to Pythian’s database focus. Lynda works with companies around the world and across industries to turn data into insights, predictions and products, and is the co-author of Designing Cloud Platforms.

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