Initial day at OpenSQL Camp

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So, I actually started my trip early, the taxi picked me up from my house in Malta at 5:15am, and after a short stop in the lounge for some breakfast, I boarded KM100 bound for Heathrow. After a layover there, I eventually arrived at Dulles International, and there was no queue for US customs and border patrol!

Picked up the rental car and drove the 101 miles to Charlottesville, VA — in dense fog.

Met with Sheeri and talked for a bit on Thursday, before just falling asleep, due to time difference and the long travel.

So on Friday, we had a few hours to run errands and pick up last minute stuff that we had forgot back home and so on, before the start at 6pm. Met up with everyone, had some nice interesting conversations and towards the end of the night, 14 of us decided that it was time for dinner, so we went over to a local restaurant. Lots of interesting talk, mainly MySQL related, and lots of food, just like it should be. There were some pictures taken, but I’ve yet to see them online, but keep watching Planet MySQL and I’m sure you’ll see them.

It was a nice start to the weekend, so I’m hoping that today (Saturday) will exceed my expectations as well! I’ll post updates and reviews of the talks, in a daily digest.

Until then,

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