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It is with great pride that I am able to announce that Pythian is making a large investment in Europe. As of this month, Pythian Europe s.r.o. is fully operational and we have headquartered the company in beautiful Prague. Additional offices are planned in Paris and Malta by the end of the summer.

Pythian Europe is launching with an elite, full-fledged team and I would like to introduce the founders:

Pythian Europe Founders

On the left is Lukas Vysusil, who joins us from Oracle where he served for 6 years in a variety of roles, including Oracle Applications DBA, DBA Team Lead, Manager of the Configuration Queue for Oracle OnDemand outsourcing services, and also Senior Technology Consultant. He brings a wealth of experience in team leadership, troubleshooting, Oracle Apps, the pressure cooker of consulting in the enterprise database and applications technology space and formal configuration and change management processes to Pythian and will serve as Service Delivery Manager.

On the right is Jan Polnicky, who joins us from Oracle where he served for 6 years in a wide variety of roles. You’ll have to check his linkedin profile for the entire list, but suffice it to say he started out as a developer for Online Services, quickly took on a leadership role in that team, moved to OnDemand where he became a services team lead, then got promoted to EMEA queue manager for configurations, and then got promoted to OnDemand Services EMEA Manager – Release Management where he led a team of up to 15 engineers across geographies (UK, ES, CZ, EG + USA & APAC indirects) doing general Oracle Database & Apps management, tons of preventative maintenance and supervised a number of Oracle Applications upgrade projects. In his spare time, Jan is working on his Ph.D., I kid you not. Jan will serve as a peer to Lukas as Service Delivery Manager.

You may think that’s enough.

You may be thinking, OK, with these guys and the teams they will soon be leading now Pythian has added so much expertise and horsepower in Europe they’ll stand pat for a while.

But oh no. Not me. That was not enough!

To lead these guys, on the centre, we have also added Peter Simecka as Vice President, Pythian Europe. Peter joins us from, you might have guessed it, Oracle Corporation where he started out in 1994. Even before joining Oracle, he had substantial expertise on Oracle/UNIX, dating back to Oracle 4 (I first worked on Oracle 5, but 6 was already out by then). Over his career at Oracle, Peter has led teams as large as 60 engineers, served as Product Support Manager for five years, served as Customer Support Manager for four years, and then built and led the Oracle OnDemand Outsourcing centre in Prague for four years. To say that he brings a wealth of leadership experience, customer support and liaison experience, and outsourced services design, development and delivery experience is a woeful understatement. I am hoping and planning to learn a lot from him.

It’s funny because the way I presented these guys, it makes it seem like I selected each of them individually, but that’s not how it happened at all. I’ll leave that story for another day, or maybe Peter will want to tell it.

So, what are we planning to do with this ambitious operation in Europe? Stay tuned.



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About the Author

As Pythian’s Chief Executive Officer, Paul leads this center of excellence for expert, outsourced technical services for companies whose systems are directly tied to revenue growth and business success. His passion and foresight for using data and technology to drive business success has helped Pythian become a high-growth global company with over 400 employees and offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. Paul, who started his career as a data scientist, founded Pythian when he was 25 years old. In addition to driving the business, Paul is a vocal proponent of diversity in the workplace, human rights, and economic empowerment. He supports his commitment through Pythian’s hiring and retention practices, his role as board member for the Basic Income Canada Network, and as a supporter of women in technology.

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Neil Campbell
May 12, 2008 7:33 pm

Wow – what a team !

Congratulations Paul, and best wishes for future expansion.



Paul Vallee
May 12, 2008 7:56 pm

Thanks, Neil! We’re all pretty excited.

Pete Finnigan
May 14, 2008 4:15 am

Well done Paul, its great that you now also have a base in Europe. Great news.



Paul Vallee
May 14, 2008 7:28 am

Thanks for your congratulations, Pete!

Norton Slovak
May 20, 2008 5:04 pm

I am a big fan of your new EU team. You have picked the best of the bread. I wish you steady and continuous expansion and adopotion to European Market.



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