Is the data warehouse dead?

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Whether or not the data warehouse is dying or just in need of a major overhaul is a matter of opinion. But what we do know is that traditional data warehouses are challenged to deliver on new and emerging technology and user demands.

The data warehouse is experiencing pressure from increasing data volumes, more users and tight budgets—a triple threat to its ongoing existence and value. In addition, new data types are coming into play. According to Gartner, 80 percent of enterprise data is unstructured, which means users need to analyze data types that traditional data warehouses can’t handle. These are just some of the new pressures on data warehouses. This increased pressure means the old-school data warehouse may not be delivering insights at the speed of business.

There are a number of alternatives to meet modern analytics infrastructure needs, including a cloud data platform, which extends data warehouse functionality to include a data lake and modular processes for ETL. These cloud-native analytics platforms can make the delivery of more holistic insights across more data sources much easier and much more cost effective.


Our latest white paper: The Traditional Data Warehouse is Dead. Long Live the Data Platform outlines in detail why a modern data platform is required deliver on new analytics demands.


If you’re rethinking your data warehousing strategy, you’re not alone. An article in TDWI, It’s the End of the Data Warehouse as We Know It, quoted their own survey saying that “about half of all enterprises expect to replace their data warehouse systems — in some cases, their analytics tools, too — over the next three years.”

So what’s the future of the traditional data warehouse? The answer lies in the new technologies that extend data warehousing capabilities to deliver more data to more users to deliver better business insights – faster. We call this new breed of data warehouse “ the data platform”.

Pythian VP Analytics as a Service, Lynda Partner examines the demise of the data warehouse and the rise of the data platform in a new white paper, The Traditional Data Warehouse is Dead. Long Live the Data Platform.

Download it now to learn about:

  • Why the traditional data warehouse is dying
  • The challenges presented by the explosion of data volumes within today’s organizations
  • The evolution of user types and increased user volume demanding more from data warehouses
  • The key technology components and business benefits of a modern data platform
  • How to overcome budget concerns of handling large data volumes



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Lynda Partner is a self-professed data addict and experiences the power of data every day as Pythian’s Vice President of Analytics-as-a-Service. The author of Pythian’s Love Your Data mantra, Lynda understands very well how data can transform companies into competitive winners and she was the driving force in adding an analytics practice to Pythian’s database focus. Lynda works with companies around the world and across industries to turn data into insights, predictions and products, and is the co-author of Designing Cloud Platforms.

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