Join CEO Paul Vallée and top data experts at Pythian’s love your data conference in NYC

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Every year, leaders from every industry are presented with a buffet of conference opportunities to choose from. The pull to attend the biggest and shiniest is strong as event organizers lure potential attendees with swag bags, explosive branding and the promise of a life-changing experience.

At the end of the day (or week), your experience, and the learning that you take home is what matters most. The opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and insights that can help you grow your business is a powerful motivator.

Attendees can expect to receive insights on various trending topics including modernizing analytics ecosystems, BI and the rise of data democratization, businesses leveraging machine learning and AI,and what blockchain can mean for business.

Pythian’s Love Your Data Conference (LYDC) in NYC on May 31, 2017,  is designed with specific outcomes that will benefit you and your business.


Thought Leadership

The LYDC agenda features interactive sessions and discussions with innovative speakers who are experts in their respective industries. This year conference attendees will hear from:

  • Wayne Eckerson (Founder, Principal Consultant | Eckerson Group)
  • William Mougayar (Author | The Business Blockchain)
  • Claudia Perlich (Chief Scientist | Dstillery)
  • Paul Vallée (President, Chief Executive Officer | Pythian) and,
  • Alex Lovell-Troy (Vice President, Transformation| Pythian)

These sessions are likely to influence the way that you and your organization may be looking at data.  You won’t want to miss them!



LYDC is about active participation, so at the top of the day, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and converse with various leaders in the Media, IT and Retail space (to name a few).  Bring your business cards, share your Twitter handles, prime your LinkedIn profiles and open yourself up to the infinite possibilities of making introductions throughout the day.


Executive Education

It’s not enough to tell you on a few slides that you need to make changes within your organization.  LYDC will focus on practical ways to:

  • Transform your organization using data and self-service analytics
  • Align IT to the business by giving all users access to data
  • Add data intelligence and automation to business decisions
  • Get a 360-degree view of your customer and promote innovation

After the conference, when it’s time to make changes in your organization, they will be meaningful and strategic ones.  You just can’t fit this kind of high-impact value in a swag bag!

It’s likely that a point or two may have resonated with you in this post.  The conference is just around the corner and you’ll need to start coordinating your calendar to attend.

Lastly, we want to ensure you received a personal invitation to LYDC from Pythian’s President and CEO, Paul Vallée.  He and our entire LYDC team look forward to meeting you!

Democratize your data. Empower your business.






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