Just Learned I have Passed 2 Oracle Certification Exams …

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Hey ALL! I just got a very good present from Santa :)

1Z1-536 Oracle Exadata 11g Essentials
Your Score: 86% Passing Score: 62% Result: Pass

1Z1-515 Data Warehousing 11g Essentials
Your Score: 83% Passing Score: 78% Result: Pass

How cool it is if small things like these can make you rejoice like a child :) I am still smiling ….

The challenge in that case was the fact that these 2 exams were beta exams and I spent almost 3 months waiting for the results to be revealed. If you compare this with the regular OCP exams where a result is given to you immediately you understand what the challenge was.

Merry Christmas to Everyone!


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About the Author

Yury is a nice person who enjoys meeting and working with people on challenging projects in the Oracle space. He started to work as an Oracle DBA 14 years ago (1997). For the past 10 years (since 2001) his main area of expertise is Oracle e-Business Suite. Yury is an OCP 7,8,9,10g and OCM 9i,10g. He is a frequent presenter at Oracle related conferences such as Hotsos, UKOUG and AUOUG. Yury is a socially active person. Apart from Social Media (Twitter, Bloging, Facebook) he is the primary organizer of Sydney Oracle Meetup group (250 people). So if you happen to be in Sydney (Australia) drop Yury a message and stop by at one of his Meetups.

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Totally can relate to what you r saying:D Congratulations!!!



Can you share me the document about Exadata?

Thanks alot.

Yury - a DBA from down under
January 4, 2011 8:31 pm

Hello Nam,

Thank you for the congratulation.

I am afraid I am not authorized to expose Exadata documentation to the public. You do have 3 choices:
-a- Join an Exadata project (a client implementing it, or Pythian as an example :) and get access to the documentation.
-b- Wait until Oracle makes the documentation pluckily available
-c- Take an Oracle Exadata class

I know that it doesn’t help much. However this is maximum that I can do you you at this stage.



Congratulations Yury. What Oracle docs did you read for both the exams?



>> What Oracle docs did you read for both the exams?

Oracle® Database Data Warehousing Guide
11g Release 2 (11.2)
Part Number E16579-02

Oracle® Exadata Storage Server Software
User’s Guide
11g Release 2 (11.2)



Hi Yury

First congraturation !

I failed at 1z1-536 :( but after It publish full-version to 1z0-536 , I try again and passed at yesterday. :)

I think beta version is more difficult than full version.


Congrats Chatchai !


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